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We are dedicated to helping people and we choose our clients carefully. We have a core belief in helping the individual against the unjust and the opportunistic. Because of this belief, we also fight for the rights of people who have been injured or killed. We are organizers, researchers, writers, and advocates for justice. We think outside of the box, dig into the details, and push for legal changes that make our world a safer and better place.

To many people, the term “Personal Injury Lawyer” has bad connotations. They think of ambulance chasers just out to make a buck. The truth is that the personal injury attorney is the person who tells the story of the victim. The personal injury lawyer is the one who battles to obtain justice for those who feel defeated, whose lives will never be the same.

With a focus in Orange County, we work to protect individuals throughout Southern California including Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County. Whether you have been injured in Irvine, Santa Ana, Fullerton or Newport Beach, we can help. From Los Angeles to the Inland Empire, we protect people who find themselves injured by the negligence of others. Our skills have been forged in the courtroom and utilized to represent clients from every walk of life including doctors, lawyers and police officers.

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