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Krieger & Krieger Overview

Krieger & Krieger is an experienced and aggressive law firm focusing on employment law, including class actions, as well as construction law and business litigation. Our Long Beach employment attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in many types of employment disputes before federal and state agencies, as well as in state and federal courts. We are located in Long Beach, California, but handle cases throughout the state.

We pride ourselves on obtaining favorable outcomes in an economical fashion. One of the key ingredients to successful representation is clear communication with our clients. Therefore, from the beginning, we discern the client’s goals and philosophies, and adhere to them throughout our representation. In litigation matters, we work closely in conjunction with our clients in determining litigation strategy and in making important decisions affecting the outcome of the case.

Because the firm represents both defendants and plantiffs, we are well-equipped to deal with issues that arise on either side of litigation matters. We also have a unique perspective of what to expect from the other side, and can better determine the most appropriate steps to take in each matter. In general, you can expect low cost, but effective representation designed to obtain the best results in the most efficient manner. At the same time, we are aggressive litigators and will take a matter as far as is necessary to obtain the best result possible for our clients.

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