What Do You Do If You Have a Vehicle Accident With an Uber Chauffeur?

Morse Injury LawIt’s essential to collect as much evidence as possible at the criminal offense scene if at all possible. Because liability protection varies depending upon whether the Uber driver had a guest or was looking for one, it’s especially crucial to gather contact information for the Uber guest, in addition to the following pointers:

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1. Seek medical attention. The shock and discomfort of a car mishap’s instant aftermath can obscure injury signs.

2. Get a copy of the authority’s report. Report the accident by calling 911. Any automobile mishap in New Jersey that is most likely to cause more than $500 in damage needs a police report.

3. Collect information on witnesses and drivers. Acquire the Uber driver’s contact and insurance details, in addition to the contact information of witnesses and

4. Take pictures. Take pictures of the accident scene, the road and weather, road signs, your car’s injury, and your injuries with your phone.

5. Consult with an Uber injury lawyer about your case.


Even if the payout rates for an Uber accident seem high, obtaining an adequate settlement for the injuries can be difficult. Uber might argue that the driver was not running at the time of the mishap or that the injuries were pre-existing at the accident, devaluing your argument. Speak with an accident legal representative who focuses on ridesharing injuries in this circumstance. They will assist you in recuperating compensation for damages such as:

* Bills from the medical profession and the healthcare facility
* The expense of rehab and counseling
* Medication and prescriptions
* Health devices and other medical expenses
* Wages that have been lost
* Suffering and pain

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