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Roberts & Speigel Injury Lawyers Overview

Nobody should have to suffer injury, whether mental, physical, or emotional, due to the actions of another person. You are entitled to freedom from injury caused by another person’s carelessness. California laws protect all individuals and prohibit others from causing them harm. When harm has resulted in you or your loved one, the law protects your right to hold the responsible party to account and recover compensation from them.

Fresno personal injury law allows a person to secure compensation for various types of wrongs. The legal term for the compensation you would be entitled to is damages. Damages are usually monetary and would be awarded when you are able to show that the other party was negligent. There are also other types of damages called punitive damages. One thing that could reduce the number of damages you’re entitled to is the principle of shared or partial blame.

California operates under a system of comparative fault. This means that if you were found 10% at fault and the other party was found 90% at fault, you would only receive 90% of the awarded compensation or settlement. Our Fresno personal injury lawyers at Roberts & Spiegel Injury Law understand the pain and stress of suffering a personal injury. We know that these events, apart from causing you pain, will strain you financially. This is why we are prepared to fight aggressively on your behalf to recover full compensation for your injuries. We have years of experience and skill that we will put to work on your behalf to help you right your finances and get your life back on track.

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